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Top 10s: Concepts heading to production, maybe…

Story by John LeBlanc From Frankfurt last September to Beijing this April, with stops in Los Angeles, Detroit and New York, and Geneva thrown in for good measure, the 2013-2014 international auto show season dazzled us with dozens of new concept cars. But only 10 of them have been deemed worthy enough to garner your […]

Flashback Fridays: 2007 Mazda Mazdaspeed3

Story by John LeBlanc This article was originally published in May, 2007 – Among other things, including helping to start a little company you might have heard of called Intel, Gordon E. Moore noted more than 40 years ago that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit — processing power — doubles every 24 […]

Flashback Fridays: 2006 Mazda MX-5

Story by John LeBlanc This article was originally published in October, 2005 – KELOWNA, B.C. – Adding up to more than just the sum of its parts, Mazda’s Miata was a car that always gave back a measure of driving pleasure higher than expected due to its family-car price. In the hands of even novice […]

2014 Geneva Motor Show: Mazda Hazumi Concept

  Story and photos by John LeBlanc GENEVA – Sharing a platform with the Fiesta. Mazda’s subcompact Mazda2 is one of the last remaining vehicles from the Japanese automaker’s days of partnership with America’s Ford (the other is the CX-9 crossover). But if the new Mazda Hazumi Concept that debuted here in Geneva is any […]

Top 10s: New vehicles for Canadian hockey parents

Story by John LeBlanc Are there any drivers on Canadian roads and highways that deserve more respect than hockey parents? (or skiing, speed skating, curling, luge, bob sleigh or ringette parents?) Battling before-dawn wakeup calls, rush-hour traffic, four-season driving conditions and unruly passengers — not to mention the transportation of toxic cargo known as the […]

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