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Top 10s: Concepts heading to production, maybe…

Story by John LeBlanc From Frankfurt last September to Beijing this April, with stops in Los Angeles, Detroit and New York, and Geneva thrown in for good measure, the 2013-2014 international auto show season dazzled us with dozens of new concept cars. But only 10 of them have been deemed worthy enough to garner your […]

Top 10s: Future collectible cars

Story John LeBlanc That age-old bugaboo called depreciation makes sure that any new vehicle purchase is not a financial investment. But a select few of the hundreds of different models available in Canadian new car showrooms today have the potential to someday become future collectibles.

Top 10s: Worst gas-guzzling new 2013 cars

Story by John LeBlanc More than likely, the meek will inherit our planet. But until that day comes, new car buyers with the means will want to drive the most decadent rides they can afford — whatever they cost to buy or run. For those buyers with such deep pockets, we present the 10 worst […]

2011 Frankfurt: Worst in Show

By John LeBlanc It’s one thing to put up with the lack of air conditioning, long lineups for the food, seas of bleach blonde dealer wives, and obnoxious videographers pushing and elbowing to get the best angles (you know who you are, Mr. Tripod!). These are all expected at the bi-annual Frankfurt motor show, one […]

Top 10s: 1970’s Italian Wedge Supercars

By John LeBlanc Like the French art deco cars of the 1930s or the classic chrome of Detroit in the 1950s, we’ll likely never see an era in car design like the Italian “wedge” cars from the 1970s.

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