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Top 10s: Concepts heading to production, maybe…

Story by John LeBlanc From Frankfurt last September to Beijing this April, with stops in Los Angeles, Detroit and New York, and Geneva thrown in for good measure, the 2013-2014 international auto show season dazzled us with dozens of new concept cars. But only 10 of them have been deemed worthy enough to garner your […]

2014 Detroit: How Toyota’s designers took the virtual FT-1 to reality

Story by John LeBlanc DETROIT – Toyota is sticking to its guns that its FT-1 concept, arguably the “hit” of the 2014 Detroit auto show, is just that — a concept. Sporting design echoes from former Toyota sports cars from the 1960s’ 2000GT to the Supra of the 1990s to today’s Scion FR-S, it’s hard […]

Video: Five most significant concepts from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

2014 Detroit: Six most significant production debuts

Story and photos by John LeBlanc DETROIT – Another January, another Detroit auto show. But while this year’s annual event in the Motor City was notable for the plethora of high-performance reveals, in what is arguably the most competitive new vehicle market in history, these are my six most significant production debuts:

2014 Detroit: Will the 2015 Lexus RC-F finally snag some BMW buyers?

Story by John LeBlanc DETROIT – No longer sitting on the sidelines as its rivals sell highly profitable super coupes, Lexus unleashed its new 2015 RC-F sports coupe, arguably the wildest Lexus ever since the last LFA super car was sold.

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